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We come from small & diverse country in the middle of Europe, Slovenia. We, as a nation, are known for passion and thrive to prove ourselves due to our small size in the world. Being a leading figure in industry or at any sport doesn’t affects us and we put our heart out to achieve it.

We are presenting a semi-custom windsurfing boards on the market & we are joining best of production and custom worlds. We are offering custom manufacturing procedures with pre-prepared board models to lower the production expenses and bring up the quality. Nevertheless, we will always take time to produce a full custom board for you!

At Onehundred Boardz our love for sport drives us to make the best windsurfing boards possible. We deliver quality and high-end boards, power and style to passionate, die-heart, true windsurfers. Because we know how important the quality of your riding gear is, we put every effort in attention to detail to make boards better day by day. You dream it, we do it – every day reinventing what’s possible.

Our family consists of a small team of dedicated & high skilled craftsmen. Offering you from best production technologies to most unique designs made purely with our hands. Especially we are proud of our newly reinvented Division II boards (& the technologies we have implemented), where we are currently leading in custom production of these elegant beauties from the past.

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